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I'm a subscribed customer but keep getting asked to join again.

If you have subscribed to our awesome service you were probably on a *3G* or *4G* mobile connection, and now you might be on a WiFi connection, try to switch WiFi off, then try your link again. Or you can log-in via your account settings; enter your email address and password.

I cannot get access to the football portal.

Please ensure that you have mobile network coverage or are linked to a working WiFi connection.

Do you use cookies?

We use cookies and tracking technology to customize the Site and Services for users, to assess the use of the Site and Services and to improve the user experience and the overall quality of the Site and Services. Accidently cleared your History and Cache? If you have cleared your cache and history, changed your mobile device or using a different browser you may not get access to your service. If this happens you will be re-directed to the log-in page where you will be able to enter your details.

Forgotten your password?

You can request a re-set. Simply enter your valid email address, you will then be directed to enter your new password details, confirm password and submit/enter.

How can we make this service better, do you have any suggestions?

Is there something we have missed, something to make your experience better? Your ideas and suggestions are important to us, please raise a ticket and show us your suggestions and ideas.